Pura Vida

Costa Ricans frequently call out to locals and tourists alike, “Pura Vida!” It’s a lifestyle here.

Directly translated it means “pure life.” But by intention it means enjoy the “simple life," and connect with nature.


Costa Rica frequently ranks high on annual list of the happiest countries (yes, there is annual World Happiness Report) and much of that is attributed to pura vida gratitude for honoring what they have and not what they don’t have. And when you experience the simplicity of the Costa Rican lifestyle—no worries, no stress and a connection to life in whatever form it takes—you’ll quickly recognize just how rich they are, and why they are among the happiest people in the world!

To really recharge you and help you get re-centered, we invite you to adopt the Pura Vida lifestyle and connect with nature.

Jaco Costa Rica

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