To really recharge you and help you get re-centered, we invite you to adopt the Pura Vida lifestyle and connect with nature. 


Take a walk on the beach, smell the sea salt, feel the warmth of the sun and the sand between your toes. Take a horseback ride early in the morning and watch the local surfers catch waves. 


Or put on your hiking shoes and explore the lush rainforest and sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the birds, the frogs, the macaws flying overhead and the insects. Connect your energy to theirs. Climb a hill and cool off under the waterfall. Pay close attention to the trees. The movement may not be the wind! Be on the lookout for iguanas, toucans, leaf-eating ants, and of course the Costa Rican favorites—sloths and monkeys. If you’re really, really lucky, you may spot the shy dantica! 


Close out the day at the beach where you can play soccer, swim in the ocean, or just melt into the sun as it sets over the Pacific Ocean, and be reminded that we are a small part of a much larger eco-system.

Sunrise Meditation


Join the sunrise meditation on the beach and stay for a morning yoga to start your day centered and focused.


Cooking Classes

Spend the afternoon with our chef and learn to cook a typical Costa Rican meal. (Additional costs apply for this optional activity.)

Go Outside and Play


Recapture your childhood and be 10 again! Go outside and play and forget about time and laugh a big ol' belly laugh!

Horseback Ride


Take a horseback ride through the rainforest or along the beach and connect with Costa Rica's favorite natural resource—nature. (Additional costs apply for this optional activity.)

Ice Bath


Join Jaco's Tropical Polar Bear Club and take a dip in the ice bath where you will learn to master your own body—and mind by surrendering to the cold. Ice bath in water temps can be as low as 32 degrees or 0 celcius.


National Park Tours

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park for a hike to the beach and watch out for the white faced monkey or sloths hanging in the trees. (Additional costs apply for this optional activity.)

Optional Activities

Surf lessons, Zip line, ATV tour, cooking classes, horseback riding through the rainforest, guided hike to the waterfalls, healing massage, tours to Manuel Antonio National Park, Carrera National Park, Dominical hike to Nauyaca Waterfall.

Optional adventures come with normal risks and each guest participates at their own risk. Additional Costs apply. 

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